Fernsehturm Berlin (TV Tower)

Fernsehturm Berlin (TV Tower)

Panoramastraße 110178 Berlin
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    • Child admission: 8.00 EUR
    • General admission: 12.50 EUR

Berlin from the top...

The most striking symbol of Berlin along with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, is the television tower. From the base to the top of the antenna, this tower is 368 meters and is therefore one of the highest structures in Germany.

The television tower was built in 1964 on the Alexanderplatz, and it is a popular destination in Germany and it is situated in a location where we found a flag at his feet. The main components of the imposing building are among others, the crystal ball and the big antenna on the ball. Each year, the tower is visited by nearly 1.2 million people, making it one of the most popular attractions of Berlin and its surroundings. On the platforms, which are respectively 203 and 207 meters, visitors can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and from there see various symbols of Berlin, such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz or the Olympic Stadium as the crow flies. The viewpoints are easily accessible and within seconds they are reached with lifts. A special highlight of the TV tower is that it awaits a cozy restaurant in a high altitude. From the tables in the restaurant, located on a turntable, every half hour you can see a different part of the city of Berlin.

47 Reviews

ℹ Roam around and be overwhelmed by The Fernsehturm

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We came at night and there was no line

The view wasn't that great, and it's hard to take pictures. There's a barrier between you and the windows, further...

2.00 · 


it was okay. It was 13 Euros to get in but if you have a Berlin Welcome Card, you can get an additional 25% off your ticket price. You can either come...

3.00 · 

Wir hatte Zeit und wollten auch mal auf den Turm

ich war zu letzt vor 23 Jahren als 4 Jahre altes Kind da oben. Mit der Welcome Card 9.50 pro Person....

1.00 · 

Als Nichtberliner wohl eine Pflichtveranstaltung

welche aber holperig begann. Im Telespargel aufgeschlagen und eine niederschmetternde Nachricht: Bei Kauf...

5.00 · 

Ich mag diesen langen Spargel

diesen Klops am Stiel sehr!!! Er sieht immer noch total schicki und modern aus, obwohl er mittlerweile mehr 50 Jahre alt ist!...

5.00 · 

This TV Tower is the tallest building in Berlin

I'm not a fan of going to the top of the highest building of a city I visit just to see a 360 view of the...

4.00 · 


wir waren seit langem mal wieder über der Stadt, das erste mal nach vollständiger Sanierung der oberen Plattform. Während das Restaurant ja lange Zeit...

4.00 · 

On the one hand

you can go to the TV tower, where you will: - pay a bunch of money - wait a long time - see the city from too high up to appreciate it -...

1.00 · 


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