Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

Lindenstraße 9-1410969 Berlin
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History, culture and the destiny of the Jewish

For those that are interested in the German past, naturally also in the History, the Culture and the destiny of the Jewish people, a visit to the Jewish Museum is highly recommended. This museum is exclusively dedicated to the universality of the German-Jewish life and occupies a period of more than two milleniums.
There can be histories of personal experiences, explained from the point of view of the Jewish population. Also it is offered to the visitor the possibility of approaching the Jewish religion, as well as to its culture. Permanent multimedia exhibitions and special exhibitions offer interesting points of view to the visitors. A permanent exhibition, for example, shows images and objects as beautiful sculptures of historical value or roles; and it is articulated in times as well as in thematic centers. Asíl one, although foreign to the culture and Jewish people, thanks to the biographies of Jewish men and women and of the religious culture an idea of his experiences can be done. It is agreeable to visit the museum, thanks to the fact that the exhibitions are changing all the time and basically to a rich program of activities centred on scientific symposiums, concerts and lectures. This is the museum about the living center of the German-Jewish history. A surprising and fascinating trip to the complex world of the Jewish culture awaits the visitors.

64 Reviews


harrowing and very detailed history of the Jewish people.

4.00 · 

Modern mimariye ilgi duyan herkesin görmesi gereken bir müze

Beni en çok etkileyen kısım (geliş sebebim) The Memory Void; "Shalekhet" (Fallen Leaves) sergisi oldu. Diğer kısımları overrated bence.

Heart wrenching

meaningful, and exceptionally done. The space is sleek, modern, and impactful. We especially enjoyed perusing centuries of Jewish history well before WWII, which is often glossed over. The outdoor garden is delightful. A must-visit.

5.00 · 

I love museums that educate you not only with their displays and placards

but also with their format. The Jewish museum is divided into three sections or...

5.00 · 

I liked the buildings unusual modern shape

And the displayed historical collections were very interesting as well.

5.00 · 

Truly haunting

Spend time in the holocaust tower.

In der wirklich gut gemachten bewerbung des museums hieß es immer: "Nicht das

was sie erwarten..." Es war leider exakt das, was ich erwartet hatte -...

2.00 · 

I visited the Jüdisches Museum mainly for the materials relating to the war and the holocaust - grim subject matter

but it is important to research, to...

4.00 · 

One of the best arranged museums I have ever seen

5.00 · 


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