Old National Gallery Berlin

Masterpieces from Classicism and Romanticism

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Right in the middle of the Museum Island is the Old National Gallery, which shows a selection of the most important nineteenth century art. In this case, Art in Berlin does not only refer to the works exposed in the museum, but also to the building itself that houses it.

The Old National Gallery, is at the heart of the Museum Island, which reopening was made possible due to luxury restoration works in late 2001. It is considered the first museum in this region and has been named by UNESCO as being of cultural interest to the world. Despite the substantial damage to the building by the end of the Second World War, in 1948 began the restoration work that would continue until 1966. Nowadays, there is still discussion about the existence of the museum at the time of German division. Far failed to clarify which works were destroyed by bomb attacks and which were taken by the Soviet occupying power, as part of the spoils. Today, it can and should be contemplated at this wonderful gallery of art, famous works of Classicism and Romanticism, The farmer honored, Works of French Impressionism and the modern era that began after this. Along with Caspar David Friedrich, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Adolph Menzel and Max Liebermann is also represented Paul Cézanne.



3.00 · 

Αξίζει όπως και όλα τα μουσεία στο σχετικό νησί...

Keine Frage, die Alte Nationalgalerie gehört zur Kategorie "Muss man gesehen haben"! Die Sammlung mit Kunst aus dem 19. Jahrhundert ist wirklich sehr...

5.00 · 

Meine Liebe zur alten Nationalgalerie besteht schon lange und jedes Mal, wenn ich wieder hier bin, schreite ich durch das Gebäude und erfreue mich an der...

5.00 · 

Ein Museum als Gesamtkunstwerk, ein wunderschöner Zusammenklang des Gebäudes mit der ausgestellten Kunst. Für Freunde der Kunst und Architektur des 19....

5.00 · 

5EUR adm. for students. You can't bring a coat or bag (safety box - 1EUR). Decent collection of works mainly by German painters + sculptures. Don't go too close, though, you will set off the alarm.

the prussian empire lives on in the form of the museum guards here

2.00 · 

Ein Traum für den Kunstfreund. Sehr schöne Austellungsexemplare, viele berühmte Gemälde. Tolle Architektur, wunderschöne Säle!

5.00 · 

No queue for tickets if you want to buy one for the whole island

Sehr gut

5.00 · 

An absolute architectural wonder whose collection can rival with Orsay and the Musée de la Ville de Paris (3e). Again one of those museums with are cheap for students/praktikants. Thank you.