Old National Gallery Berlin

Old National Gallery Berlin

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Masterpieces from Classicism and Romanticism

Right in the middle of the Museum Island is the Old National Gallery, which shows a selection of the most important nineteenth century art. In this case, Art in Berlin does not only refer to the works exposed in the museum, but also to the building itself that houses it.

The Old National Gallery, is at the heart of the Museum Island, which reopening was made possible due to luxury restoration works in late 2001. It is considered the first museum in this region and has been named by UNESCO as being of cultural interest to the world. Despite the substantial damage to the building by the end of the Second World War, in 1948 began the restoration work that would continue until 1966. Nowadays, there is still discussion about the existence of the museum at the time of German division. Far failed to clarify which works were destroyed by bomb attacks and which were taken by the Soviet occupying power, as part of the spoils. Today, it can and should be contemplated at this wonderful gallery of art, famous works of Classicism and Romanticism, The farmer honored, Works of French Impressionism and the modern era that began after this. Along with Caspar David Friedrich, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Adolph Menzel and Max Liebermann is also represented Paul Cézanne.


Alte Nationalgalerie AussenansichtAlte Nationalgalerie Kolonnadenhof und GartenAussenansicht Alte NationalgalerieAlte Nationalgalerie - Ansicht von der SpreeHumpty Dumpty - Alte NationalgalerieAlte NationalgalerieIm Wintergarten von Edouard Manet (1879) - Alte NationalgalerieIn the Conservatory - Édouard Manet (1879)Das Flötenkonzert von Adolph von Menzel (1850-1852) - Alte NationalgalerieSommer von Claude Monet (1874) - Alte NationalgalerieMann und Frau in Betrachtung des Mondes von Caspar David Friedrich (1818/24 ) - Alte NationalgalerieAnsprache Friedrichs II. an seine Generale vor der Schlacht bei Leuthen 1757 - Adolph von Menzel (1859-1861) - Alte NationalgalerieLudwig von Hofmann (1898) - Alte NationalgalerieEisenwalzwerk  - Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von MenzelBlick in Griechenlands Blüte, August Ahlborn 1836Parade auf dem Opernplatz in Berlin - Franz Krüger (1824–1830)Selbstbildnis mit Augenschirm - Anton Graff 1813The Interior of the Palm House on the Pfaueninsel near Potsdam - Carl Blechen (1834)La vague - Gustave Courbet (1867 - 1869)Schloß am Strom - Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1820)Selbstbildnis mit gelbem Hut - Hans von Marées (1874)Abbey among Oak Trees - Caspar David Friedrich (1809)